How to sue my Local ISP ?

Pranay Mokida

I have recently got a 30Mbps plan - 300 GB (6 Months Plan ) and am I want to upgrade to 60Mbps - 600 GB (6 Months Plan) . The difference between the plan is around 600 INR .
But they are restraining to upgrade my plan since they want me to renew plans using the topups which is expensive .
I'm thinking to ask them for a connection cancellation ... Are there any laws that keep ISPs from cancelling connections and refunding my money , so I can get a new connection with my preferred plan .
Their site has no policies or agreements . Terms and Conditions


Alakh Niranjan
Security Deposit is one time and refundable; installation charges are also one time but usually non-refundable. any Plan purchased and amount given in advance is most of the time in favour of the company and in case of customer asking for termination, customer can not ask for a refund unless specified in the plan. in case you want to upgrade, then it is up to them because the situation is in their favour but most of the time, they don't want to lose the customer so they accept it.
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