Google Home Mini bought in U.S. How to plug in India?


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Hi all,

My cousin has gifted me Google Home Mini from U.S. But I see that it has U.S type plug which I cannot use in India.

Please see the attached pic.

Which converter I have to buy for this? I saw on Amazon and there are many. But confused I don't clearly understand voltage and current specifications.

Can anyone please suggest me a good converter plug?

Thanks :)


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US electronics is 110V while EU/India follow 220V,if product is compatible with both voltage standards then all one need is a simple adapter plug like above. Issue comes when product does not support 1 of the 2 in which case a voltage convertor would be required but as per online comments google home mini supports both 110V & 220V(for more confirmation you can check specs on box too).

Now current specifications for plug/adapter is separate thing & only requires it to be equal or more than product requires.The above plug specifies 6-10Amp which is more than enough.


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As said it would prolly support 220v, but do confirm. It will be written somewhere on the power adapter/plug.
If it supports 220v get a Convertor locally like this: (Rs 20) . local electronics/bijli shops
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