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Right off the assembly line
I'm in college and want to buy a new laptop. I previously had a lenovo Y-560 and had a very bad experience with it(the repair guy came and broke the hinge and the company refused to replace it).
I am looking for a laptop around 35k. Please give some suggestions.

My priorities are in the following order.
1. The laptop should not heat up on linux.
2. 4GB of RAM
3. Preferably Intel i5.
4. Dedicated graphics card(preferably 1GB). Should be able to play games like crysis 2 on medium.
5. Laptop should have a good build quality and warranty as I'm a bit rough with handling.

I came across this laptop with nice specs.
But I would like some info about the performance of the A70M chipset(especially on linux). Is it at par with Intel i5?
Is it worth paying more and getting the following laptop?
It has lesser RAM and hard disk.
Also I don't really like hp's keyboard. So I would like to know if there is some laptop with similar config by some other company.


VirTuaLiZaTioN Freak
Your best bet under 35K for GAMING and Casual Usage will be to go with AMD A8 Trinity --- Check out HP Laptops at Flipkart - with A8 APUs.
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