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Is it legal? eBay Coins and Notes Auction (India)??
I have many old coins from 18's, 19's, 17's, 16's (Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj's era).
How to find authenticity?
Can pawn shop verify real coins?
What should I do and how to proceed?
Need help..
Indian Coins | eBay Mobile
Also is it possible to apply for global store for auction?


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It's completely Legal.
Coins from 16's, 17's, 18's, 19's will get Lakhs of rupees these days.
Don't go to pawn shops as they will know its true value but will not tell you and rob you of your Coins.
Just follow this link: Old Indian coins
How to identify old Coins:How to Identify Old Coins
Register with eBay.in/com and amazon.com/in as well to sell Coins.
Yes, Register for a Global Store for Auction of 1 coin at a time rather a number of coins.
Before you proceed, try to get as much knowledge about the Coins and sell for a good price. Best of Luck...

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