Earphone wired with loud sound


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Dear Friends,
Need one urgent recommendation.

Want to buy one earphone wired with loud sound.
Primary usage to be able to clearly receive and make calls from laptop for work.
So loud clear sound is only requirement.
I dont understand bass treble etc.
Just want simple clear sound loud.

Pls suggest me good wired earphone which meets this criteria.

Budget is variable but will be comfortable from anywhere from 500 to 1500 rs
Key point is loud volume

Kindly reply asap as my current earphone got crushed below chair and need replacement asap

Thank you


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You need in ear or on ear?

On ear recommendation

In ear recommendation

Realme buds 2 Amazon.in

Boat 105 for 350

I have personally using boat 105 for calls since last 6 months, they are pretty good and solid build. Best for calls under 400.
Thank you given my lack of knowledge and paucity of time I went straight ahead with your recommendation and ordered 105 for rs 349 on amazon.
Thank you for your prompt reply and guidance.
I will receive it in 3 days then will see.
Thanks again.
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