Does using a rechargeable fan help reduce electricity consumption?


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The electricity bill amount for the last 2 months was higher than usual & I think high usage of ceiling fans during summer is one reason. I am looking for something like Kedar Impex portable, Bajaj Pygmy

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I think rechargeable devices lower the power draw because they need less power to run in general vs normal devices. Just being rechargeable won't reduce power draw, likely the opposite because of conversion of energy & its losses.

I have a rechargeable LED light, whose luminance is lower when it is running on battery vs AC power.


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Removal of subsidy might also be the reason for higher bills, if you are in Delhi, where subsidies were previously provided. :p


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The electricity bill that you pay is directly proportional to the units consumed which in turn are directly proportional to the W (Watt) rating of the device. Utility company provides us power in Watts but charges us for the Energy in Watt Hour.

1 Unit = 1KWh

So my water heater which is 3KW when run for one hour consumes 3 Units whereas a ceiling fan which is about 80W when run for 12.5 hours consumes one unit.
So whatever device you use, check the wattage and then calculate. There are also other aspects like Power factor but ignore for the time being.
You may use a rechargeable portable fan but check its wattage. Less wattage means less power and less displacement of air and it’s still a load when it’s charging.
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