Does USB cable compatibility varies by device?


I bought a micro USB cable (ERD) for my Lenovo K5 Note. I think there is a slight loose contact in the phone's USB port. But when I connect the phone with this particular cable I get a USB power surge error message in the computer which keeps showing & the whole USB system is stuck till I disconnect the cable & reboot the system. But this cable is working with other smartphones (tested with Moto G4 & lyf 4508) & when I connect other cables to the Lenovo phone I just have loose connection issues & not the power surge error.

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usb 2.0 micro standard shouldnt matter, the connector was only different for nokia style devices but for the rest, all usb cables are effectively same for charging purposes.
Now, the quality of the cable itself can vary, boat cables ive found are notoriously bad. I faced issues with random disconnects, slow charging etc etc on my redmi note 3 with boat cables, yet that same cable powers a usb hub just fine.
Go for an original cable with your phone, test first to confirm its not a usb port issue on phone.


One of the most user-friendly aspects of USB is that its primary shape— i.e. the classic rectangle (Type-A) —is physically compatible with all earlier versions. This means USB Type-A plugs in versions 3.0, 3.1, or 3.2 will fit into old USB 2.0 ports and vice versa.
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