Diskman Vs mp3 player

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diskmans are not dead yet

people are going for Mp3 players with as less as 512 - 256 mb space.
what they have forgotten that they can get a better deal with a diskman

with it's unlimited space to store mp3. just u have to change the disk which costs about 8 rs(moser baer) and can store about 150 tracks

with a diskman ur music can become completely pc independent ounce u write the cds. an Mp3 player needs a pc to support it.

even with 1-2 gb mp3 player u need to return back to ur pc,for how long can u hear the same 300-400 songs,max 3-4 days?.

I feel Diskmans can even better the 5-6 gb mp3 players dat come for 10-12k
if restricted mobility of a diskman is not a problem.

what are ur views guys


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Naaa ! Mp3 players are still better suited than Diskman ;heres why,
1)Size. A mp3 player has much smaller size than Diskman.So in Trains,Flight ,Drives on motorcycles or Car ,mp3 has much greater advantage.
2)Compact: A mp3 player is compact and there are no moving mechanisms like those in CD , like tray and moving CD .So mp3 player is yet again very handy.
3)Skipping Audio: mp3 player since being flash based or harddrive based there is no skipping of songs audio so no headaches there.
4)All in One.: Mp3 Player works as ,contact manager, calender schedular , and most important of all that Movable Memory Drive.Cd player can't do that.
5)Battery: Most mp3 players dont need extra investment of batteries unlike Cd players.So good saving everytime.
6)Capacity: With mp3 players hitting 60Gb as in case of Creative and ipod theres no bothering of carring those huge CD's ."I carry my collection"
7)With mp3 as video player movies are really fun.And nothing like watching pictures on them.
8)Moving and forwading songs on mp3 players is so great.And most mp3 players come with their cool equalisers.
So i really think mp3 is way ahead of Diskman.


Well, I would prefer a mp3 player to a discman anyday. Mp3 players are small, have better battery life, better sound quality and they are portable on real sense of the term. A 1Gb Mp3 player costs around three and a half grand, which is nearly what a good Sony or other good Discman would cost, and lets accept it 1Gb mp3 player can hold enough for a day's music. A person isnt far away from a computer anytime be it college, work or office. So it makes more sense going in for a mp3 player. I recollect my ways of listening to music on a discman in 2002-03, but quite honestly in 2006 with mp3 players with so many features, its kinda silly to spend that money on a old technology.

In your case, its a personal choice to stick with a Discman coz you have a collection of mp3 songs ready on cd.

What about the agony of recharging cells and stuff on a discman?


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it's mp3 players for me..
small, cost effective, just plug them in your pc and wolla they are updated with your favourite collection.

updating cd's is trouble, and the hassle of keeping them safe while travelling causes a bit of trouble

so i think that mp3 players are the real deal.


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i feel pity 4 dhawald now. every1 is going against him. well my opinion says that it differs frm person to person, on the basis of need.
freshseason above said that mp3 players can b listened 2 in train, flights, cars.............cant a diskman b listened in these. my choice: would b a 30gb mp3 player of creativ zen and the best diskman-u knw i need both.lolz


MP3 Player should be further categorized into Flash based and Harddisk based players...

Size: Flash players are small (easy to carry), HD-based players are slightly bulky and Discman is thinner but flatter than HD-based players... IMHO, HD-based players and Discman are more suited for less-frequent users while Flash players are for heavy users... Note however that being small, the buttons on Flash players are not as convenient (kinda smaller than cellphone buttons)...

Capacity: The Flash player is limited by capacity (I think 1 or 2 GB is the max available), Discman is theoretically not limited by capacity (but needs changing of discs for changing past 650 MB), while HD based players can store 40-60 GB of music at one place...

Moving Parts: Flash player has advantage of having no movable parts... HDbased players have disadvantage in that if the mechanism is lost, the whole unit is basically useless including the stored media... Discman is in-between because the CDs wont get damaged atleast...

Versatility: HD-based are best as they can store a lot of music, videos, etc... Even act as a Thumbdrive in the sense that you can transfer files thru them... Discman is restricted to music (may be including radio)... Flash based can sometimes take video, but capacity restriction reduces real versatility...

In conclusion, it all depends on what you want... Find out your preferences and prioritise your needs... I had a HD-based player first (Creative) which ran on 4 batteries (rechargeable) and it was great... I have a Flash-based player now but not as happy with it (I am a light user but I like to carry all my songs with me - about 2 GB only)



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dude what ever u all say.. i still like Disk Man and i have one from panasonic.

HDD based played are too costly
Flash based have too little memory.

like dude if u gotta go to a long journey u gonna need lots of songs so flash based fail here..

The only thing not good abt the disk mans is the skipping.ie i cant take it with me while jogging... thatz about it. and the size is not that big.


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Neither Discmans are dead nor Mp3 players or HDD player are bad .

First of all i have D-NE900 ,NW-HD3 ,NW-HD5 ,NW-E505,MZ-DH10P.I use my Discman only for audio cd`s now otherwise i use my hard disk player .


First walkman then discman and now mp3 players. The future is mp3 players not a bulky discman which needs a bunch of cds, batteries etc. hdd mp3 players are not as bad due to their moving parts. Look at ipod nanos and video ipods. Do they face any probs due to their hdd's? Mostly not. discmans are yesterday's tech and mp3 players are their suitable replacements.
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