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Me and a few friends with the same 80s music and klingelton passion are planning to create a forum for people with the same passion to communicate more, but we are having a hard time choosing the platform :(((. I asked and was advised by some people to choose an Xenforo . If so, could someone please tell me better why should I choose an Xenforo ?
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There are quite a few options to open a forum. Xenforo is paid and might be expensive for hobbyists forum starting yup. Have a look at phpBB which is FOSS and also a very good option. You'll need a server and a domain, ideally to start as well
This not the right place to ask such questions. Go and ask in xenforo support forums.
Ah cut them some slack. Not the end of the world. They're a new member and they're always welcome.

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Also consider looking at SMF - SImpleMachinesForum instead of PhpBB. Back when I was trying out forums, I had a much better experience with SMF.
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