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Team Digit
This time around we give you a chance to vote for the webinar of your choice! Choose from these four options and on the 17th of April, 5PM we'll conduct the webinar that got the most votes.

PC Tuneup: Learn about defraging, cleaning, tweaking and optimising your PC to make it run smoother.

Basics of 3ds max: A brief introduction to 3d modelling in 3d studio max the user interface. Learn how to creating basic objects, create detail using polygon modelling, adding materials to the models, lighting your 3d scene and finally, the rendering. Be sure to get a trial version of 3ds max from Autodesk's site (

Photoshop: We'll show you how to make a forum signature, a social networking avatar, and a set of approaches to make a sketch or tracing of yourself. Requests for any particular operation will also be entertained.

Photoediting fun online: Adding frames and objects to spice up photos of yourself and your friends. We'll also show you how to quickly make image macros and motivationals to use on forums and social networking sites.
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HEY....i want both pc tuneup and 3dsmax........if they will get same and highest votes then take 3ds max
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3ds max is surely the most interesting topic IMHO.

PC Tuneup is a very general topic. A simple Google will lead you to thousand of results and tips/tricks. Photoshop? Generally everyone knows how to use it.

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PC tune up is the most basic optimization..


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Re: Choose your webinar- PCTuneup

I will go for PC Tuneup.
Remaining all topics consumes time and more effort to capture in a quite short span of time which is going to be impossible. Digit can arrange such webinars when they plan to have some continuous sessions in successive weeks so that they can complete what they started with,

So according to my opinion, we should vote for PCTuneUp



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sure pc tune up izz d most basic topic but it's more helpful dan those two...and 3ds max is a great topic but it needs a good processor an well as for serious people---wasting money on buying it :p


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Isn't 3ds max a paid software? What about Photoshop? Wouldn't it make more sense to conduct a webinar on their freeware alternatives. Surely you neither expect people to buy or pirate them so they can attend the webinar. I know some people already own them, but surely they already know how to use them too. No body spends money on a software he can't use. As far as I know, the freeware options are pretty good too (Blender and GIMP).

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BTW, 3ds max cost 3,495$.
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^ ^ ^ Yup. That's why I want Blender or GIMP. Sigh first they make an anti-piracy campaign and then in an indirect way encourage piracy. Sigh...
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