Best TWS under 5-6k for call quality


Primary purpose is using whatsapp, signal, skype calls.

Whats the best TWS earbuds for call quality ?

FYI I use Buds Air 2 and I gave gift to the other person Air 3. I was surprised how bad the call quality was, and we both are looking for good alternative.

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u should prolly add features u want or something specifically that u want in them, like battery life or somethin
How about OP Buds Z2 or Nothing ear 1? Both seem to have good reviews for 5-6k.

Edit: Apparently Nothing seems better than Z2
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Right off the assembly line

Best TWS under 5-6k​

JBL Endurance Race
Jabra Elite 4 Active
Sony WF-C500
Google Pixel Buds A-Series
JBL Tune 230NC
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