Best SD upscaling TV


Right off the assembly line
I'm planning to buy a 43 inch 4k TV.
Main purpose is to watch SD tv channels.
Out of all the TVs that Digit reviewed, which one has the best upscaling of SD content?

As in general, which brand has the most perfect upscaling technology?
SD or 480p doesn't have much info to upscale well. Most well-reputed brands & even big Chinese ones have good upscaler for 720p & 1080p.

I have personally checked Samsung, LG & Panasonic 4K TVs, SD channel doesn't look that good. Due to bigger screen area, it looks worse in larger TVs. You can somewhat compensate by sitting a bit far away, but as I said, the reality is 480p doesn't have enough information.

You can watch SD channels in 4K TV, but how good it looks is a bit subjective based on the person. Like I think SD looks bad, but its good enough for my parents in the 55" 4K TV they have at home.
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