ASUS - M3N78EM or M3A78EM

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Phenom 2 X4 920 Rocks..

Phenom 2- X4 920 really rocks..
I reinstalled my OS and my Drivers and no blue/red/pink screens now. Well.. i do have black screen though when i have my TFT off.. :) i am working on it to keep it illuminated.. LOL
I have my pc totally all set to go. The temperature does not ride over 55 degree irrespective of the time i run all four cores at full speed. The moment i drop the load it falls like sensex back to 45-48 levels.
The CPU cooler rocks.. I meant the stock one. AMD made the best bang for the buck with the Phenom 2. specially when i have bot it for 132$.

So... the below config is All good (atleast for me )

Phenom 2- X4 920
OCZ GOLD Edition- 1066 MHZ CAS 5 - 2*2 GB
WD Caviar Black 1TB
CM 335 with CM 550W PSU

Below are some some pictures shot in cow boy style:


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Re: Phenom 2 X4 920 Rocks..

Nice! Those RAM sticks look pretty bling! Gud to see tht u hvnt had any serious issues with ur config so far.. Hope i get similar results.. am yet to get mine.. should arrive in a couple of days.. will post again when i do..
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