Any 13 inch Laptop with GPS available ?


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Do you think its available or possible. :razz:

A Laptop with GPS built in so that it can used for Navigation purpose too, 13inches so its compact too. I am seriously think its not a bad idea for it. Phones have small screens so have limited functionality. but with a 13inch Notebook isnt it good. can be kept in car, or train or anywhere else you traveling.

Is there any laptop available with GPS built-in? :idea:
Does Google Map work in Windows the same way it work in phone? :idea:

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Hi Roll,

There are many laptops, but only few have a built-in GPS receiver/antenna. Those that do are usually expensive.

My suggestion is to buy a laptop based on other criteria, and then simply add an inexpensive USB GPS receiver, or a Bluetooth GPS receiver. I think that's the most cost-effective way of doing it.

A popular USB GPS unit is a BU-353, if you can find it near where you live.

I think you would need an odd-in of some sort to use Google Maps, or Google Earth, conveniently for live navigation. Also, keep in mind, if you don't have mobile Internet, using Google could be inconvenient.

You may look into using a PC software that comes with map data, and the map data resides on your hard drive, rather than on the Internet. Such solution may be more practical to use. Check out Laptop GPS World for info on this. Garmin makes PC navigation software called Garmin Mobile PC, and there may even be free sources of compatible maps in India (and other countries) for it.
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