Android Web Browser with low resource usage


I am the master of my Fate.
Which browser uses less RAM and battery ?
Been using Chrome for a long time but it seems it is consuming more RAM and Battery.

I am OK with RAM as now a days phones have 6 to 8GB of RAM. My main concern is battery usage.

When I checked App battery usage I found that Chrome was on Top with 69% of battery usage.

Here is the summary for Chrome:
Foreground Active Time: 41 min
Background Active Time: 12h 20 min
Power consumed: 2003 mAh


Wise Old Owl
Chrome is like the IE of Microsoft. It is probably not only just a stand alone browser at this point. It serves as webview backend or something. Many Google apps probably need it too. I had disabled Chrome once and it caused the Play Store to think something is out of date and needs updating always (probably WebView).

Although I am an exclusive Firefox user, now I keep Chrome enabled just to avoid irritations like this.

There is not much real choice among browsers these days unfortunately.


I am the master of my Fate.
Chome is installed as System App. Hence I cannot remove it without root. No option to uninstall and no option to restrict background services.


Cyborg Agent
I don't need it. Somehow it is active in background for long hours.
Settings > Apps > Chrome > Battery > Select Restricted.
Turn discover off in home page.

Do this for every app which keeps running in background.
Truecaller, Facebook, etc.
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