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Android for onboard processing (No UI)

I am working on a project. we have 4 sub modules, that can be implemented on embedded devices(FPGA etc). But we are planning to do it on something like Pandaboard with Android. So we can directly write applications using Android SDK. Also we need to process data in real time.

We don't need Cellular/WiFi/Bluetooth etc, but need some sensors to be interfaced which will provide data for processing. What can be possible ways to do it ?
There is a need for a camera. Also Image processing, which can be done on a dedicated GPU for speed. As we need real time processing.

There are four applications, so we plan to use a quad core processor. Ofcourse there are processes of Android OS itself. I've seen the cpuset command which can be used to map process to CPUs. Please explain this to me.

Also there is no GUI so what can be done so that processor 's power is consumed efficiently. Some APIs of android might eat up memory and also take up some CPU cylces.
And can any modification to the Android kernel be done for more efficiency ?
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