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Hello Guys!

Following are the Gift Card Codes for your Amazon Pay Balance. They came as 'Pi and Pa Offer' joint campaign of Coca Cola and Amazon. Please use them today as they were valid till 30th Sep. 2017 i.e Today only :-

1. F W r h w 9 1 6 m g
2. F W r n a 3 x d 3 js
3. F W n y p f a f n y
4. L W e c h w h k 9 7

SMS the Code to 9266392663 . Afterwards you will receive a 15 digit Gift Voucher Code from Amazon.In on your phone. Redeem the Gift Voucher Code at " www.amazon.in/addgiftvoucher " which gives you Amazon Pay Balance of Rs. 85
Please note that aforesaid code is valid once Per Amazon User per Mobile No.
So , Hurry and use them for your Shopping!

Thanks a lot :)
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