22" or more 1080 LED monitor for designing, gaming and regular use


1. Budget? 9-13k

2. Display type and size? 1080p or more (22" and above, more pixels are better)

3. Primary use of Tv/monitor? Gaming, AutoCAD, Designing, Movies etc (regular uses)

4. Ports Required? VGA is a must

5. Preferred choice of brand? Which have service centers in West Bengal

6. Any TV/monitor in consideration?

7. Any other info that you want to share.

I don't have much ideas about response time or refresh rate, I have a Sansui TV (720p) and it has no colour accuracy, pixel-ated screen and not much of use. I will be using this with my laptop and my hd6770m (unifL driver) doesn't support HDMI. I want a bigger/ wider screen if available (for my sketchup models too).

Viewing angles and Anti reflection is a necessity as well.

Thanks, any help will be greatly appreciated.


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I use a Zowie RL2455 for competitive gaming as well as casual. It has good color reproduction and is 24'' too. It is a 75hz monitor so its got you covered for all aspects of gaming. Watching movies is a bliss because there a lot of great viewing angles and no darkening too.


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Forgot to mention that it comes well within your budget and you might not have to upgrade for a long time.
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