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    Need a Spekaer within 5k

    hi i wanna buy a speaker within 5k mainly need it for games music and movies. 1. Logitech Z443 2. Edifer C2 Plus 3. Sony SRS-D9 need good bass and treble
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    Logitech Z443 or Creative t3300

    HI everyone i have been in a dilemma to upgrade to some good sounding speakers,currently i have some old jbl multimedia speakers and was looking to get a good 2.1 system.Since i didn't really have a chance to get a live demo of speakers anywhere other than Bose i am looking for some advice on...
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    Logitech Z443.....

    Hi Friends, Has anyone tried Logitech Z443? They claim that it is a very good quality 2.1 setup and the enclosures have been made out of good quality wood. The power ratting is at 55W RMS which is well above most systems at this price point. I am currently looking to replace my Altec Lansing...
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