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    xine not installing properly...

    I installed xine-lib1.0.3 but the xine-ui0.99 is not installing. While i try to configure xine-ui i got an error that xine-lib is not installed. Actually i installed xine-lib and then tried to configure xine-ui but in vain i got the above error. I included the path where the xine is...
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    How to install xine on Fedora Core 3!

    One thing that scarred of many newbies from using RedHat/Fedora Core is that there is no proper Video player, The default player, Totem, cannot play VCD/DVD and most of the common video file.Here, I'll show how to installed xine on Fedora Core 3. Installing xine is not so easy because there...
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    Where is xine?

    I installed Xine in Mandrake Linux 9.1. Now I dont know how to open xine. Where the linux software will get installed? What is the exe file for linux.
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