1. War_Mongrel

    Suggestions for a cooler...

    Can anyone suggest me a nice cooler for SAMSUNG NP550P5C-S01IN? Also is it ok if I buy an X-box 360 controller for this laptop??
  2. chicha

    X Box 360 :)

    we successfully flashed the X-Box 360. :) and its working properly too. :)
  3. S

    A Gamer's cake

    A X-box 360, A PS-2, a X-box and a limited edition 'Legend of Zelda' gold GameCube. Now thats called taste :D -source
  4. soham

    Can I find a X-Box 360 in India???

    Can anyone please tell me where in India can I get an X-Box 360 and the price if available . :twisted:
  5. R

    How to make Xbox an entertainment center?

    Any guys out here can tell me how to make a modded X-Box play DVDs,VCDs,ACDs,MP3 CDs,DIVX CDs etc.
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