1. I

    Spiderman Shutdown Dialog And Login Screen

    hi guys . after the spider man release i hv been motivated to do modify my comp like a spider man one . so heres wht all i have done . ill also tel u how to do it .hope u all like it n try it .BUT BEFORE TRYING IT MAKE A BACK UP OF THE FILES MENTIONED IN THE TUTORIAL. HERES A LOOK AT MY...
  2. Vishal Gupta

    TUTORIAL: Enable HIBERNATE Button in Shutdown Dialog Box !

    Hi guys! Today a question came into my mind that why Hibernate button is not visible in Shutdown dialog box and why it appears when we press <SHIFT> key? So I opened msgina.dll file into Resource Hacker and started R&D with it. :D I checked in 20100 dialog that there was an entry for...
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