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  1. anon232

    Issue with TP-Link WR841n fiirmware upgrade

    I have a unique problem that has happened with two TP-Link WR841N routers. Whenever i've upgraded the firmware,the router takes around 2 minutes to detect my ISP's connection via the WAN port. I've tried downgrading the firmware but to no avail. Is there some problem with the firmwares of...
  2. anon232

    TP-Link WR841N not connecting to ISP

    Recently my TP-Link WR841N isn't connecting to my ISP.I tried resetting,upgrading,downgrading the firmware but to no avail. Although i can directly connect to the ISP via my PC. What can I do?
  3. anon232

    Dd-wrt on tp-link wr841n

    I've a TP-LINK WR841N router with a v8(most recent update) firmware. Is it possible to install DD-WRT on it? i checked their supportd device list but it supports only upto v7
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