wireless headphones

  1. ChaoticNocturnal

    Wireless Earphone for iPhone 7 under 3k

    Hey Guys, I'm damn confused about which wireless earphone I should buy. There's lots of good option available which is creating a lot of confusion for me. Max. price should be 3K I want to use with iPhone 7 Good Bass Good Mic for calling Thanks in advance for help and suggestion!
  2. Sagar Shaikh

    Signature Acoustics Robin Bluetooth Adapter Review

    Mod Edit: Kindly take note that the person who reviewed it works for the store that owns (and sends review units to others) the brand. There is no dearth of Bluetooth adapters in the country. However, Robin, which was just recently launched by Signature Acoustics (SA) claims to be the best...
  3. ud0103

    Wireless headphones with nano receiver

    Hi, I've been looking for wireless headphones to use with my laptop since a week and I've found a product by Philips. The headphones look good and have been rated to be good across a number of websites but the only thing biting me is the emitter that comes along with the headphones as I...
  4. sanny16

    suggestion on purchasing a bluetooth wireless headphones

    Can anyone suggest me a wireless bluetooth headphone which can play music, answer calls of mobile? It should also be able to connect to laptop, tablet etc. Kindly mention the product name and its current price and place of purchase/shop(online or offline) if possible. And start from low to...
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