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    how 2 get remote desktop

    hi i want to get remote desktop in my desktop,i am useing windows2000 proffesional.pls help me
  2. R

    Graphics Prob

    Got a HCL machine which used to take the VGA automatically whenever i formatted and reinstalled the windows2000 professional.Now its not taking the VGA.I also don't have the motherboard driver CD.Plz help.
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    Windows2000 Server Event Failure

    Hey guys..... Help me..... I have installed Windows2000 server. The last thing i did was went in my Windows98 and gave command fdisk /mbr Now the problem is whenever i try to log in, it gives me an error "An event failed to start. Use eventviewer to view it. " And then again...
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    How to get windows2000 service pack 4.................plz

    Hi Is there any way to keep Windows2000 service pack4 files in a seperate folder or on a CD, so that i can install them whenever i install weindows2000 on my machine , instad of downloading from the internet every time i format my machine ................................... please Help.
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    Hi Friends, I want to know how to disable auto insert notification(Of CD_ROM) in windows2000 & in Windows XP. Regards,
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