1. C

    B.Tech from ip univesity

    I will probably get maharaja surajmal institute of technology CSE in ip university,delhi.i have a poor jee rank so not getting any nit's. I have also got admission in mukesh patel school of technology management,narsee munjee university mumbai in MBA Tech IT programme .which will be the best...
  2. F

    asus p8z68-V or p8z68-v-pro which one ?

    what the d diff between these two .pro is 1k expensive .which should i buy
  3. I


    i have an intel dg31gl motherboard with a e22oo dual core .which graphic card should i upgrade for good gaming ecperience
  4. cool_callis

    how to view .chm extension in linux

    how can i read ebooks of chm format in linux .which software is needed for it?
  5. M

    HALO user profile.Plz someone ..i am waiting

    where is the user profile of HALO CE for PC saved .Which folder ??I will format the computer and so need the saved files
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