Downloading in Opera mini.....

    I am using Opera mini on nokia 3500c..whenevr I surf net and download a file more than 1 mb...it shows error" Error fetching file" and stops download.....It works smoothly whenevr I download lessthan 1 mb....Plz help...is there any settings.
  2. P

    Problem with net

    Hey friends, I was having some problems with my PC so I called up the service engineer of HP. He came to attend the problems and correct them but in that process he made many of the settings "default" Now whenevr i connect my dial-up connection, no sites opens for 3 min and then after the...
  3. the_moon


    My PC gets on stand-by mode in the middle of anything, anytime... whenevr it feels like!! Can anybody help?!
  4. N


    is there any software by which i can recieve/make calls by my pc. so that i can put the wire always inside my pc, and dial up whenevr i want and recieve calls whenever my pc is on.
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