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  1. wewe

    Auto Forward SMS As WhatsApp Message Instantly

    how can 1 automatically forward a SMS as a WhatsApp message instantly [Android Phone]? my OTP are sent on a number whose Carrier Service does not offer Network coverage in many areas i visit. so, currently i leave that SIM with someone at home. When OTP received, they call & tells OTP. often...
  2. S

    [VideoGuide][Hindi] How to make a Gif from WhatsApp

    I hope and believe everybody will like this thread. In this thread i will tell you those things which interests us more. Reply and if you have any kind of question ask. Thanks How to convert video to gif within whatsapp in mobile *www.youtube.com/watch?v=8dtHaM8a5sc
  3. demoninside9

    How to format whatsup Status

    Hi Is there any tool or way to format whatsup status like font style color and size? Please let me know. Thanks
  4. avinandan012

    Whats app related query

    To all whats app users out there I have aquery Lets say I activated whats up with some 9xxxx xxxxA mobile number. Then changed the Sim with 9xxxx xxxxB. So will whats app still report it is being used with 9xxxx xxxxA??
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