1. T

    [Want to Buy] 32GB microsd card for <Rs.700

    32GB microsd card for <Rs.700 any offers, deals etc. please post
  2. @

    [Want to Buy] Looking for SATA casing

    I have 3.5" HDD.
  3. m-jeri

    [Want to Buy] PC Games

    Hi. I am looking to get few PC games from 2010. Haven't touched a PC game in 2 years now. So let me know. Thanks.
  4. M

    [Want to Buy] cpu cooler<1.5k, no warranty required

    need a cpu cooler for lga 775 socket <1.5k.. no warranty necessary.. any company.. pm me your offers
  5. M

    [Want to Buy] Gpu: Hd 7850

    Looking to buy HD 7850 or similar performance gpu.
  6. H

    [Want to Buy] e7500

    Anyone selling e7500 at 3k ?
  7. M

    [Want to Buy] i5 760 or i7 860

    i want to buy an i5 760 or i7 860.. pm me your offers
  8. A

    [Want to Buy] CPU Heatsink/ Cooler for i7

    Looking for a Air cooler for i7
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