1. K

    Paytm wallet upgrade

    Sorry, didn't know where to post so posted here. Mods can move this to appropriate thread. As paytm is offering a wallet upgrade for free with only some address proof, I wanted to ask is this safe? For those who don't know what wallet upgrade is, you can have maximum amount of 10k in your...
  2. E

    [Shinesung] Galaxy phone blocks bullet after man brings knife to gun fight

    His phone must have had some Kung-Fu app installed or else that man couldn't have become Max Payne all of a sudden Random but relevant comments(Slashgear), Elsewhere,
  3. X

    Google Wallet - Registration trouble :/

    Does Google wallet accept - ICICI platinum credit cards ? (Pre paid credit cards !?) Entropay virtual credit cards ? ANY ...ANY ! debit cards ? I'm from India and have tried to use two different VISA debit cards from Axis bank...they don't seem to work. Is there ANY other methods than...
  4. B

    Infibeam Wallet for the Mango People!

    After Google Wallet and Apple Passbook, now its Infibeam Wallet for the Mango People! This is more of a cashback to the wallet and to give ease of shopping to buyers.. the only caveat is that it is limited to infibeam shopping! The Re-Innovation continues :) Infibeam Wallet Offers...
  5. Desmond

    Google Wallet...how is it?

    Hi, I've wanted to purchase some apps from the Play store. When I proceeded to checkout, I was welcomed by a Google Wallet page. Since I don't see any other options of payment, I postponed my purchase because I am a bit skeptical about it. I wanted to know, does it permanently store your card...
  6. Kniwor

    FS: PQI 2GB Ultra Slim/Small Pen drive

    On sale is my PQI Intelligent Stick 2.0 Plus, perfectly working with no issues. It's hardly any thicker than a credit card and easily fits in my wallet, got definitely useful. Got an extra and hence selling. It's a 2Gb drive. Expecting: 700/-...
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