1. yogeshm.007

    4GB m2 micro on W580

    Hi, I've 3 months old W580 with 1GB m2 micro. I'm considering to upgrade to 4GB m2 micro. Though SE site claims support for 2GB, SanDisk is stating that even 8GB would work fine. Also there are many places (on net) which offer 4/8GB for W580 (so this should, perhaps, work fine). So, you guys...
  2. shift

    Original w580 cumtom pack

    Original w580 custom pack guys, ive googled the original w580 custom pack but couldnt find any. or anybody knows the link, pliz post or if it can be extracted from the phone itself, w580 users... i need your help, pliz extract and post the extracted the file thanks in advance
  3. shift

    w580 shake control

    the shake control mode on my Sony Ericsson w580 is not working ive read in other forum that it has to activated the shake control first by pressing Walkman Play Down Right Right Walkman but that too doesnt work. firmware is default ( i e, firmware not updated nor patched) Any other ideas????

    W580, N91 or motorokr E6?

    plz help me make a gud choice between W580, N91 and the Motorokr E6... Any other cellphones in this range?
  5. Dipen01

    !! Themes for SE W580 !!

    Hey guys, Where can i find some nice themes for SE W580 ? If you know certain site which cannot be mentioned here due to Forum Rules. Please do PM me as I found some legit sites but themes are of below par quality, nothing exciting. Regards,
  6. yogeshm.007

    W580 Or 5310 ???

    Hi I am planning to buy one of SE W580 and Nokia 5310. Can you please suggest me which one is better? For me, 5310 only has good music capabilities and a bit better software compatibility going for it, otherwise W580 seems a good all round phone with much better firmware. My dad has Z550i and...
  7. srikanth.9849671439

    can i change my se k550i to w580i

    i want to change my phone to w580. can i change it?
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