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  1. K

    Vry confused in choosing mobile <20k,help me plz

    1. Budget? 15k,can also extend upto 18,19k vry max if it's worth really... 2. Display type and size? 4 or above 3. Form Factor? bar, slider, flip? bar 4. Preferred choice of brand? sony,nokia,samsung(last choice), no htc,motorola plz, can also suggest other than dis.. 5...
  2. Manshahia

    How is this done in photoshop?

    i want to that how can this type of editing b done in Photoshop.. if anyone can point out a link to tutorial or suggest a buk i wud b vry tankful :D than...
  3. shadow slayer 2007

    Best Antivirus

    Which is the best one in the market out there my norton subscription got ovr a day ago and i havnt gone online much norton wasnt vry good and it took up ram and i couldnt run other applications
  4. G

    how can i overclock my pc ???

    can anybody tell me how to overclock my pc os-windows XP 2.6 Ghz cpu with 640 mb ram pentium 4 is overclocking harmful to pc ??? i saw my frnd's 3.0 Ghz pc , its vry much faster regarding that he have 256 mb ram !!! these days my pc using paging file 1.8 gb & sometimes it...
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