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  1. B

    Need help setting up a router

    I'm a big fan of Top Gear and I'm trying to get the US version using UnoTelly. Anyone have any experience on how to set it up on Router? I got it working on my Mac but I couldn't get into the Virgin router/modem without password. Please help me out here.
  2. sandeepkochhar

    Phone Stolen in Delhi; Have to retreive number

    Day before yesterday my Virgin phone was stolen in DTC Bus. Now I want to retrieve the same number. I had made a complaint in the nearest Police station.With that copy I went to several Virgin outlets but all the Virgin Kiosks are saying it is not possible because Blank SIM of Virgin is not...
  3. P

    Virgin Mobile

    Hi, I bought a Virgin Mobile. I get around 3 calls a day from them (recorded voice message) asking me to set some movie songs as ring tones, etc. Is there any way to stop them from doing this? Thanks.
  4. NucleusKore

    Anti-piracy music deal for Virgin

    Source: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/technology/8100394.stm Virgin and Universal have signed a deal that will give the ISP's customers access to "unlimited" music. For a monthly fee, Virgin's broadband customers will be able to download or stream as many MP3 files as they want. As part of...
  5. pulkit_aga

    virgin mobile

    hi,how is this virgin mobile? the call rates seems to be good for local=std=50p my circle upe any idea about service etc. has anyone used it/using it? there vkewl model seems to be the best other options?
  6. JohnephSi

    Virgin media.................my orkut webite used 2 load ds site 1st n thn orkut....p

    Virgin media.................my orkut webite used 2 load ds site 1st n thn orkut....plz solve my pblm
  7. Cool G5

    Has Virgin mobile been successfull in Indian market?

    Virgin mobile has just entered in the Indian market and their offer seems enticing. Get paid for incoming calls & many more plans. I just wanted to know is it any good? I am basically doing a study & want to know how successfull has the journey of Virgin mobiles in Indian market has been?
  8. shift

    Dozens blinded in India looking for Virgin Mary

    At least 50 people have lost their sight after staring at the sun hoping to see an image of the Virgin Mary, according to reports. Alarmed health authorities in India's Kottayam district have set up a sign dispelling rumours of a miraculous image in...
  9. iinfi

    Virgin warns 800 punters for file-sharing

  10. C

    hey guys wat do u think abt virgin mobile????

    it shines r not???????????
  11. praka123

    Virgin Mary's(Rosa Mystica) Appearance in Kerala?

    Sun gazing for 'Virgin Mary' leaves many with blurred vision Friday, February 29, 2008 KOTTAYAM, Kerala: Call it mass hysteria or the belief that they can see Virgin Mary by directly looking at the blazing sun. The attempt has left around 50...
  12. Ganeshkumar

    Virgin Mobile launched in India

    Virgin Mobile launched in India :) Sir Richard Branson of Virgin Group, who is known for his gimmicks, is in India once again. He has announced the launch of Virgin Mobile. Virgin Mobile has been launched in India following the operations in several countries such as United Kingdom...
  13. H

    Take a dip in a virgin space

    Virgin Galactic Unveils First Spaceship Source
  14. H

    Nobody Remains Virgin (pic) lolz!

    roflmao :D is it Delhi?
  15. gaurav_indian

    Virgin to unveil Sachin Tendulkar super hero comics!

    http://www.indiantelevision.com/headlines/y2k7/mar/mar227.php aila :D
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