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  1. V

    UPS for PS4

    Hi, I recently brought a PS4 and now looking forward to buy a UPS for it. Can someone suggest a good UPS under 2.5k. Thanks, Vicky
  2. V

    LG Service Centre Mumbai

    Hi, My LG DVD Writer just stopped working. Its under warranty. Can anyone please let me know LG service center address in mumbai where i can get it repaired/replaced. Regards Vicky
  3. ::vicky::

    General question of k750

    hi guys i have some questions like 1)how can i switch the tone like when we check the balance and the reply which comes comes with a tone after sending message also tone comes when delivery report is shown. 2) can i put a sound in the start up of the phone instead of vibration 3)...
  4. ::vicky::

    motorola l7 help!!!

    hi i want a software for my motorola l7 to hide pictures and other folder is a software available for my phone... plz help!! thanks ::vicky::
  5. V

    How to format Engage QD phone???

    Hi Guys Please advise me as to how I can format an engage QD phone as i think its infected with an virus Thanks Vicky
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