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    FS : creative vibra 128

    i have one used creative vibra sound card. pm me your quotes.
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    Problem Reinstalling creative vibra 128 on XP Pro

    Hello Experts!! I have got a strange problem. First System Config :- p4 1.7, asus mobo:-p4bgl-vm, 3-pci slot(sound card, lan card, modem), sound card :-Creative Vibra 128 OS Win XP Prop. Once i installed pixel view's play tv pro TV tuner card by taking out modem but i have to shuffle other...
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    vibra 128- can it be connected to 4 speakers

    hi guys i have a creative sound blaster vibra 128 sound card from my old machine. i have a onboard audio card in my new machine and i am using four speakers on it. as you all must be knowing nothing beats creative in quality so i wanted to use this card on my new machine, i have installed it...
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