1. T

    Kingston DT Vault Privacy USB flash drive to protect my data.

    I run a charter accountant firm and I have ample of data to store and access and all the data is very confidential. I am not very much satisfied with the protection arrangement I have right now for my data and therefore am looking for something that solid enough to keep all my documents at a bay...
  2. D

    Virus in my USB drive

    i have a kingston data traveller 8 gb pen drive..everytime i try to open it i get the following error--'windows cannot access the specified device,path or may not have appropriate permissions to access the item" AVG Resident shield gives the following error-"...
  3. tweety_bird_bunny

    tanatos virus havoc in my life... help !!!

    recently i installed avg 8 free antivirus, and it started detectin win32/tanatos.h n win32/tanatos.j virus in my pc... it didnt heal, but put all da .exe files in the vault... and only .exe files r infected.... now i hav tried many cleaners but dey cudnt find anything... at one point, avg...
  4. praka123

    The New Linux Vault Wiki for Linux users:

    What is The Linux Vault? The Linux Vault is a new wiki project founded with the mission of creating a centralized GNU/Linux information website. It has just been created, so we are begging everybody to take part of it and make it the place for writing guides, how-to's, configurations...
  5. chitvan

    Plz Help,cant remove this virus WIN32/Hidrag.A

    i m using AVG Antivirus it can find the virus infected files & stop to infected other file, but it cant heal my most of infested files & put it in vault area, so,How can i get those files? atleast 3 to 4GB files R infected in vault, even my some windows files also infected like...
  6. K

    tally password

    Hi guys I am in a serious problem. I had given a administrator name & Password. But now I am unable to recall it. please help me. note I didn’t gave vault password. Software not original that why tally company not helping me. Please give me some other ways
  7. gau_pppu

    virus problem plz help

    while scaning computer by avg antivirus a virus(trojan horse generic2.jkz) was found in (c:/windows/sustem32/winosz32.dll), for the time being it has been kept in the virus vault, can I delete it from the vault, will it do any harm to my system if I delete it from the vault, plz reply ,.............
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