1. R

    How to Save Image taken with Andorid cameria with Name "Date-Time" format instead of name DSC_0001

    Hello , any1 know a way to make android save picture taken via camera with Name like "Screenshot_2013-11-12-07-24-35" I find this very usefull for achieval purpose I am using Xperia SP Default Camera
  2. S

    pc configuration

    hi..friends i'm going to a buy a pc pls suggest me a good will be usefull for little bit gaming also.
  3. hullap

    the chat thread

    i'm quite bored and i thought that there is no IRC here so this is for chatting. ok i'll start-wil this be a USEFULL thread:)
  4. hrushij

    Is there any way to Download linux-XP

    I tried many searches but did not get any source to download linux-xp I found it very i want to have it.. Is there any way to downlaod it??
  5. P

    Hyderabad people i need some help

    Hi! i have been looking for water colling kit for system. i have checked at ctc but of no use any directions will be usefull.
  6. ninad_mhatre85

    speedup xp......

    hey guys if u want to speedup xp boot & shutdown time use this link. ther r many tweaks and applications given so jst read u might find something usefull i dont know whether its allowed to put other forums thread but it is usefull and...
  7. R

    System Mechanic Professional 6 try it????

    Try System Mechanic Professional 6 it has good antivirus and firewall with some usefull tweaks...
  8. G

    MOUSE TOOL-U Gonna luv this one

    Anyone tried the Mouse tool in the nov2003 mindware CD You gonna simply love this one.How many times did you feel tired of clicking while surfing or installing numerous files or programs.Many people develop serious injuries because of the stress due to prolonged working on pc.This tool...
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