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    Suggest the Best UPS under 3k?

    guys please suggest the best ups under 3k and i have been searching alot in online but not satisfied with the reviews. please suggest me some good models
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    for how many years i am secured?

    hey guys i bought a new gaming rig a week back just curious to know for how many years i dont need a upgrade cpu: i 5 2500 k motherboard:ga-z68x-ud4(gigabyte) gpu:ati raedon 7970 gigabyte windforce edition psu:corsaird tx 850 v2 cabin:cooler master gladiator 600 ram:corsair vengence 16...
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    390watt UPS(APC) but 620watt power supply

    My brother has a 390watt UPS(APC) 650VA but a HX620W 620 watt power supply.Will it cause any problems. Waiting for suggestions Still waiting.I think people generally neglect such facts about mismatch of PSU wattage delivered at usage by pc and that by the UPS.
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