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  1. tanmoy_Siliguri

    Mirror's Edge ATI PhysX Problem

    I have Palit ATI HD4670 512MB DDR3 graphics card.It can run Mirror's Edge(1.01patched) very smoothly on high setting with anti8x but without physx...if I enable the PHYSX option then the game became totally unplayable..WHY?..though I know that ageia physx is mainly supported by geforce...
  2. ring_wraith

    UT2004 multiplayer isuues....

    Hey Whenever i try to play UT 2004 online i get very high pings and as a result the bullets leave my gun a second after i press the mouse button, thus making it completely unplayable..... I am very new to multiplayer gaming.... Is there some way by which i can fix this?
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