1. amitabhishek

    Opera 10 Beta 1 now available

    Its been just 10-15 minutes that I have downloaded this beta deb and I must say its FAST! Unlike the previous versions the new UI looks more uncluttered with default grey theme. Source While the release hardly made news unlike its counterparts but I must say its worth a dekho! I have been...
  2. desiibond

    10 million$ to be given to the developer of best app on Android

    Yep. It's true. http://code.google.com/android/adc.html Superb move, unlike a comapny that takes 30% of the revenue generated by apps sold for iphone :))
  3. T

    Gmail loading made a bit faster

    If you logged in to your gmail account, you would have found that loading has changed a bit and instead of seeing LOADING, a bar is seen to show the progrss of loading.Option to switch to basic html version is there as soon as loading starts for slower connections unlike earlier when it was...
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