1. S

    Check before uninstallation using Custom Action - Wise installation Studio 7.0

    Hi friends, I just started using Wise installation Studio 7.0. I need some assistance from you for applying conditions during uninstallation. I have to check for a process whether it is in running condition (which will be listed in Task manager) before proceeding with the uninstall procedure...
  2. neelu09

    IE uninstallation help!!

    How to uninstall IE8beta and install IE7? forget it i have done it myself......
  3. B

    problem in uninstalling

    dear friends I want to uninstall roadrash game from my computer. Atthe time of uninstalling i get a message that unable to locate c:electronicarts/roadrash/del1st3.isu. uninstallation will not continue. please help os windows xp bkm
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