1. sam_738844

    Sony has just announced their latest PlayStation Flow.

    PlayStation Flow combines PS4 gaming with real-life swimming. When you get to an underwater section of a game like The Last of Us Remastered you can hit pause, head to your nearest pool, dive in and resume playing through PlayStation Flow. With underwater environments in games becoming more and...
  2. ZTR

    Samsung officially announces the IP67 Galaxy S4 Active

    www.gsmarena.com/samsung_officially_announces_the_galaxy_s4_active-news-6161.php Not bad IMO and looks better than regular S4 lol
  3. P

    Here are some features to consider if you are in the market for a underwater MP3 play

    1. Consider the type of sound system you want for your MP3 player. Older styles of underwater MP3 players have ear plugs that sealed the ears of a swimmer. 2. Decide on how you would like to wear the underwater MP3 player. 3. Compare the capacity and music formats the MP3 player you are...
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