1. iinfi

    Online PG (MCA) from mysore university

    Hello, I am planning to pursue Online MCA from University of Mysore. They seem to have started this online PG courses from last september. Below are the links. University of Mysore Mysore University launches online distance education programs in partnership with U18 | Business Standard...
  2. A

    NMIMS' Mukesh Patel School of Technology Management and Engineering

    Anyone know how is this college? It appears to have a good tag and decent placements; but I am a wee bit worried about it's credentials. It appears to be affiliated to deemed university of NMIMS; has UGC approval but I can't see anything about AICTE. Has anyone studied here, is the UGC...
  3. T

    News: Three dead in Lovely Professional Loonyversity

    3 Students dead: A brawl between a group of students during an official University football league Semifinal left 3 students critically injured. One of these students has been confirmed dead and thereare reports that the remaining two also succumbed to their injuries. The brawl broke out when...
  4. D

    Hindustan University - fake ?

    Hindustan University @ site (tells it is a university under UGC act 1956) , is it a fake university ? coz its not mentioned in the university listing of UGC site ( Chennai guys what do you know about this it also tells about hindustan college...
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