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  1. G

    FREE AIRTEL Live gprs hack

    As am a long time user of airtel live gprs hack...wanted to share how u can also use ...i wanted to confirm whether this works hence after researches found this procedure useful n working with many ppl iam not the finder of this hack....credit to forums i searched with google n the members...
  2. mannuforall

    Ucweb 6.3 Final Released

    Hi, Ucweb 6.3 Final version released. English translated and It based on English server and no Chinese adds. browsing speed is very fast as ever. Completely new style and look. New enhanced interface black temptation and a pink theme. Fast downloading speed. Ucweb 6.3 final download and more...
  3. mannuforall

    UCWEB 6.2 English Version Translated-Updated 13-Nov-08

    Ucweb 6.2 java Eng-New Translated 99.99% Correct (by mannuforall) Hi this is the new java English versin ofUCWEB6.2, which I'm hopping completely better translated with translated shortcuts. Plz downloadand, put comments if any error you found. Original Post -...
  4. devilzdad

    UCWEB network settings???

    I have downloaded Ucweb english ver 5.01 from there site for my nokia 5700... but the problem is whenever i open the application it shows network initialization failed.... in network settings i have chosen access point as "Airtel online", but still it is showing error... so guys plz help me with...
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