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    WHich is the better TV of the lot?

    I am looking to buy a 32" LED TV out of the following. Please suggest me which one is better and why. I will be using the Digi cable set top box and it will be mainly used for seeing TV serials only. Viewing Distance - 4-6 ft. 1. Samsung UA32EH6030R 2. Samsung UA32EH5330R 3. Philips...
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    Need help in buying a new LED TV? (Need reviews on SAMSUNG UA32EH6030R)

    ANY REVIEWS ON SAMSUNG UA32EH6030R LED TV? I am planning to buy this t.v but am bit apprehensive about Samsung as back in 2008 all LED'S had a capacitor problem.. PS: there is a huge price difference between the company's official site and the price the retailers are offering. Why so? The...
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