1. harshilsharma63

    How to increase weight proportionally and on healthy way

    Hi guys. You may not be knowing but I'm a thin guy. I want to increase my nofy weight but I don't know jow. I'm eating lot of desi ghee these days and havw added an extra roti in my meals but only tummy is increasing :lol:. What are some hwalthy ways for doing this? Joining a gym is out of acope...
  2. A

    Cycling or Jogging

    I've been busy with work for past 8 months and i didnt get much time to exercise. And now i have a big tummy which was flat a year back.... Ive decided to spend 1 hour excercising daily inorder to reduce my tummy.. i am in 2 minds.. thinking if i should cycle(outdoor) or jog... The problem...
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