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  1. trublu

    Must Watch Movies in High-Definition

    Hey everyone, I think it will be great to put together /recommend a list of the movies that are worth watching in no less than high-definition/Blu-Ray. There are a number of movies which may not be great plot-wise, but are a treat for the eyes. So, here I start : 1. 300 :-D 2. Up ...
  2. P

    Bada 2.0 OS/ Samsung Wave 3 S8600

    No....seriously there is no thread for Bada 2.0 and no discussion thread for the new(?) Samsung Wave 3 S8600 :-x Well keeping that in mind I surely want your inputs on this new phone and the OS. I have zeroed many phones in the range of 10k - 18k and i found that Samsung Wave 3 S8600 could be...
  3. R

    A Joke Per Day - everyday update

    There was a lady from the countryside who came to the city and checked into a hotel. Then she said to the bellman, "I refuse to take a tiny room like this, with no window and no bed in it! You can't treat me like a fool just because I don't travel much! I'm going to complain to the manager!" So...
  4. R

    win32 Jeefo.A??????

    when i was seaching for viruses from zone alarm antivirus the saw 9 of these viruses but the antivirus is unable to treat it what shall i do nex??????
  5. N

    pakistan haar gaya

    latest news is india beat pak. by 5 wickets.please dont treat it as a thread.
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