1. ajayritik

    Unable to use the translate webpage feature in Chrome with Telugu as Language to convert

    Guys upon one of our friends in TDF suggestion I installed Chrome browser so that I can translate any webpage from English to Telugu. However when I try to translate I don't have the Telugu option listed. When I try to install Chrome Add on for languages it tries to install but finally exits...
  2. Rockstar11

    Which is the Hindi font used in Google Translate?

    Where can i hindi font download it? i want to save translate "Hindi" words in notepad.
  3. deepakgates

    robo help!!

    hi!! digit gave a fast track to build your own robot.. i was trying but needed a help on it.. code for servo motors are given at the end could please anybody translate code for DC geared motors.. thanks !!
  4. P

    Google beat box

    Copy this: pv zk bschk pv zk pv bschk zk pv zk bschk pv zk pv bschk zk bschk pv bschk bschk pv kkkkkkkkkk bschk Go to Google, open the language tools and paste it into the translate box. Translate from German to German and press the listen button. Anyone care to dance?
  5. ritesh.techie

    How To: Identify a Language of a webpage or app

    Most of the free translations services available online ask you to select the language you want to translate a text from. This means that if you don't know what language it is you can not translate it in your language Using LangID you can know in which language a text was written and then use...
  6. P

    Google goes Desi, launches Hindi translation tool

    Online search giant Google has announced the launch of Google Translate in Hindi. This new feature will allow users to seamlessly navigate from English to Hindi. Users wanting to use the service can visit and translate any page from English to Hindi...
  7. Lucky_star

    What if Digit Forum was in French...

    I was trying out Google Translate recently. Thought of giving this forum's name in the webpage address. And see what I got :D French [Check your own post in French... :o] Arabic Portugese Italian Russian Doesn't work always. Or better provide the address in the google translate page.
  8. C

    How to Translate Any LAng Site to English..Online...

    I wnt to translate this site...n how to find which this... tanxx ur Chindi Chor :lol:
  9. H

    great website....translation needed..!

    hi there...ifound this website...this website has great templates...softwares and what not...but the problem is that its in some otherlanguage..if anyone can translate it..please...the links is.... thnx hearthacker
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