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  1. S

    Toner Refill

    Hello Everybody! Sorry if this post doesn't belongs to here. Well I wanted to know what type of Toner Powder is used in Toners of different make : HP Canon Samsung Brother Epson Plz help. Have I posted in wrong place or what? waiting anxiously for reply
  2. Bhav

    Need Toner refill

    I want to buy Panasonic KX-MB772CX All in printer toner refill can any one tell me where can i buy this please help me
  3. curioustechy

    Samsung ML1610 printer toner

    I'm using Samsung ml1610 mono laser printer at my office. Usually I change the cartridge.is it possible to fill toner in this printer
  4. rakesh_sharma23

    Guide: DIY Printed Circuit board Making

    DIY Printed Circuit board Making. Printed circuit board or PCB has its vital role in today’s high-tech life. From TV to toys from Computer to mobile, all electrons work with a PCB inside. Commonly a PCB is made up of a fiber board with copper tracks to join different electronic components...
  5. raksrules

    Suggest a reasonably priced Laser Printer for home use

    Please suggest me a reasonably priced laser printer for home use. My requirements are 1. Initial investment (cost of printer) should not be much 2. Cost of printing (per page etc) should be less 3. Speed - not expecting a very fast one but good enough if possible 4. Low operating cost 5. Low...
  6. D

    Best entry level Laser printer...

    Hi, After a lot google-ing I found three entry level Laser printers: Samsung : ml 2010 Xerox : phaser 3117 HP 1018 Going by price the Xerox printer has got least price tag while samsung and hp almost same.;) Page per toner is highest for ML-2010.:p But, I heard that ML-2010 is very noisy and...
  7. A

    Refill Query - Samsung SCX-4200 MFD Laser

    Hi I have Samsung SCX4200 Laser MFD. I am told bt Samsung that this model has a chip in Toner cartridge sue to which u can't Refill the toner. ANyone knows a Refill shop in Mumbai who has a way to bypass this? Pls help with contact details of Mumbai Shop by PM me. Thanks
  8. linardni

    Level of toner....

    How may I know the level of toner in cartridge of HP Laserjet 1020 printer?
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