1. rakesh_sharma23

    2016 Thermaltake CaseMOD Invitational Season 2 - HUFFER Build

    2016 Thermaltake CaseMOD Invitational Season 2 - HUFFER Build Hello, I am Rakesh Sharma from INDIA. Representing my country at 2016 Thermaltake CaseMod Invitational Season 2 with a unique casemod reflecting my passion towards Jet-Engines. Being from an engineering family background I...
  2. phil2097

    Water Cooling Kit

    budget 7~9k i need a good looking Water cooling kit with transparent Tubing but it seems corsair and antec models which are retailing in India are just plain simple!! got a few options thermaltake 760 plus Gigabyte Galaxy 3D II Magicool Liquid Cooling Kit "Deluxe Edition" larkooler...
  3. i_am_crack

    Need Advise on Gaming Cabinet

    Dear Dgitians, I am looking for a CAB for around 6-7K.Please advise.. I am thinking thermaltake, Please advise shop and band(model) in bangalore ebro
  4. shift

    thermaltake in bangalore??

    guys, will i find thermaltake (or equivalent) cpu cooler for AMD X2 processors is bangalore somewhere in SP ROAD? thanks in advance sample here --->
  5. F

    which of the following Cabinet u like???

    I was going thru few Cabinet building companies sites. Antec, and Thermaltake : The champs in this field are however damn costly So I think I need 2 go either for a VIP, or techcom (No intex i don't like them) Check out and help me find out the best : 1. Techcom 6103 W...
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